Encore Trust Management



Encore Trust Management makes sophisticated trust-based financial planning a reality for the average high net worth and accredited investors.

Our Services Include:

  • Working with founders, beneficiaries, trust protectors, lawyers, advisors and asset managers to identify if a sophisticated trust-based financial plan is right for you
  • Assisting with the preparation of initial trust and other entity documents all with situs in Wyoming
  • Evaluating the existing title on assets
  • Assisting with the initial transfer of asset ownership into appropriate trust(s) or entities
  • Annually preparing all necessary tax returns for the trust(s) and entities
  • No less than annually, convening and moderating investment and distribution committee meetings
  • Working with your financial advisors to establish formal administrative policies and procedures necessary to achieve your financial goals
  • Overseeing the actual distribution of assets to beneficiaries
  • Overseeing the payment of services on behalf of beneficiaries
  • Preparing annual summary and financial reports of trust(s) to all beneficiaries
  • Preparing cash flow projections for all beneficiaries

We’d be more than happy to discuss pricing regarding our services with you on the phone at no cost to you. Feel free to email us to set up a time.

Email Us: Trusts@EncoreTrusts.com