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Most individuals build their financial lives without  master plan, and the result can be something like a patchwork quilt: All over the place. At Encore Trusts, we review all your personal and business holdings to help you redesign your affairs.

Unbeatable Client Service

The Encore Experience
We provide you as the financial advisor a dedicated support person to answer your questions. In addition, we provide each of your clients a dedicated support agent. Both you and your clients will receive excellent, responsive customer service.

We Keep You in the Loop
We provide on-going status reports to you so that you always know what is occurring with your clients.

Network of Private Specialists

We back you up every step with sophisticated, private expertise, and qualified attorneys so you can confidently engage clients and prospects on how to protect their assets and reduce their tax burden. Our experienced support staff are ready to answer your questions and to join you in client conversations, as appropriate.

Streamlined and Simple Processes

We Take Care of the Details
Your clients are in good hands. We take care of everything. We provide the attorney and facilitate the preparation of quality, time-tested trust documents. We provide the individuals to act as the Settlor, Initial Trustee, Compliance Overseer. Our staff helps transfer assets into the trust, close down existing accounts and business if required, drafts necessary minutes and prepares any and all required tax returns. With Encore Trust you know that your client’s trust-based financial plan will achieve what they set out to accomplish.

We Support Your Relationships
You, as the wealth advisor, maintain the primary relationship with your clients. You manage the trust assets while Encore Trust provides all other services needed to operate your clients trust(s).

Meticulous Financial Planning

Everything Your Need to Protect Your Wealth
We provide fully outsourced trust administration, compliance monitoring, and advisory services, supported by web-based tools that keep everyone on the same page.

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Is trust management
for me?

A trust-centered financial life provides countless benefits that aren’t available in other investment vehicles. At Encore Trusts, we make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

What are the benefits of trust management?

Tax Efficiency
Wealth Protection
Limited Liability
Legacy Planning
Income Security
Peace of Mind

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